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Soho (South of Hollywood Road)


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At Central MTR station exit D1, walk west along Queen’s Road Central and then take the Central – Mid, China, Hong Kong

About this place

Soho (South of Hollywood Road) is a small warren of streets between Central and Midlevels. It is definitely a place for cultural adventure. You will also feel amazed at how the traditional old Chinese buildings have become dwarfs next to the skyscrapers that were built beside them.

Elgin, Shelley and Staunton Streets are excellent places with a handful of chic bars, cafés and restaurants where Chinese and expatriates mix. Soho is not only famous for its wide variety of international cuisine, but it is also well-known for stylish home decor shops. Not only can you find hip designer products and local 60s – 80s retro style items, but you can also find Chinese and European antiques. If you are an art lover, the numerous art galleries in the area make up this hodgepodge of a district.

The Escalator
From Central MTR station, the best way to get to Soho is by taking the covered escalator which links all the roads between Queen’s Road and Conduit Road. It was originally built to make it convenient for pedestrians to get around the steep districts of Central, the Midlevels and Soho. Now it has also become the ‘transport of delight’ for sightseers. Along the escalator you will pass by busy streets, upstairs shops in old Chinese residential buildings, art galleries, bars and restaurants. Feel free to get off anytime and head to any place that takes your fancy. It is almost like the magical inexorable escalator of life.

The escalator runs uphill until midnight, except during rush hour in the morning it runs downhill.

Did you know?
The escalator is the world’s longest covered escalator system, measuring 792 meters, which is another wonderful feature of Hong Kong.

Estimated duration of trip to Soho:
Sightseeing only: 2 hours
Sightseeing + dinner: 3 hours
(shopping / art lovers please add 2 more hours!) 

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User Reviews

Re: Soho (South of Hollywood Road)

By Larry L,

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If you want bars and restaurants, that's the place. Comes alive every night. You could find any kind of drinks and food.
good place dor food and entertainments

This area gathers lots of nice cafe with good food, really worth to check out when you are in hongkong.
Interesting place.

SOHO sounds like an interesting place, i already added it to my Guide book, hope can hit there soon.

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