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Ocean Park

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Aberdeen, Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong
Hours : 9am to 6:30pm, daily.

About this place

Ocean Park
Ocean Park is 870’000 square meters of theme park fun. Ocean Park’s rides and aquarium are among the largest and most unique in all of Southeast Asia. Located on 2 sides of a mountain, Ocean Park is also one of the most ecologically-friendly parks around. The park is split into two sections; the lowlands and the headlands, and various rides, animal sanctuaries, gardens and restaurants are scattered across both. Being a superb destination for children, one can easily enjoy a full day of excitement with the family. The park is composed of six main areas: Adventure Land, Bird Paradise, Headland Rides, Kids’ World, Lowland Gardens and Marine Land.

Ocean Theatre
Ocean Theatre is the world’s largest marine-mammal theatre. Talent shows feature seals, dolphins, and most impressively, a killer whale. The Shark Aquarium is home to hundreds of shark species, while the enormous coral-themed aquarium contains over 2600 fish representing more than 200 species.

To get to the Ocean Theatre, take the world’s second longest escalator or the thrillingly scenic cable car. The cable car offers a spectacular view of the coast and is not for the vertignous.

Thrill Rides
The park also includes many crazy thrill rides. Test your courage on the Mine Train, loop the loop on the Dragon roller coaster, or try the insane 185 foot plunge of the Abyss Turbo Drop, if this is your kind of thing.

Giant Panda Habitat
Back on the lowland side, there are parks, gardens, and a children’s zoo. Another must-see highlight is the giant pandas from mainland China, An An and Jia Jia, who are soon to be joined by Le Le and Ying Ying.

Amazing Amazon
Inspire your kids with an educational visit to the Amazing Amazon, where they can discover the tale of the dinosaur ’past and present’ or visit the Amazing Birds Theatre. For a simulated adventure in the mind of a mammal, try Whisker’s (Ocean Park’s iconic seal pin-up) Wild Ride.

Estimated Duration of the Trip:
1 day

How to get there:
At Admiralty MTR station exit B2, take Citybus no.629.

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Ocean Park is still important to Hong Kong people.
<p>Before we have <a href="http://www.synotrip.com/hong-kong/tourist-attractions/hong-kong-disneyland-223.shtml">Hong Kong Disneyland</a>, Ocean Park was the hottest theme park in Hong-Kong, every kids will ask their parents to take them to Ocean Park, they like to see the Dolphin show, get close to the animals, but after&nbsp; Hong Kong Disneyland built up, man, you will see all the kids will say to their parents&quot;Mum, i wanna go to Disneyland&quot;, ...read more

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By Tai-Te,

Have a fun trip!

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