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To individual travelers, 4 things to do on Hong Kong Island's Central & Western District 致自由行旅客,你可以在港島中西區做的四件事

Apart from visiting Man Mo Temple, you have four other things to do on Hong Kong Island's Central & Western District to learn the history, enjoy shopping and local delicacies.

(1)Learn Hong Kong's public health history
There is the Taipingshan Medical Heritage Trail, which shows you the history of 1894 bubonic plague and Hong Kong public health. The Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences and the Blake Garden are the focal points of the trail. 

(2)Learn Dr. Sun Yat-sen's life

The Father of Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yat-sen studied medicine and got the enlightenment in Hong Kong. He then organized the revolution in the colony. You can learn his life by visiting the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park and Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail.

(3)Buy and eat locally

Sun Yat-sen once studied in the Government Central School. The site later became the first Police Married Quarter in Asia. Today you can go shopping at the 'PMQ' to support Hong Kong's talented designers. You can then go dining at different Taipaidong (outdoor food stalls) to taste the local delicacies.

(4)Visit different markets

Apart from PMQ and malls, you can visit different markets. You can go to the 'Cat Street Market' (Upper Lascar Row) for the curios. You can go to the Lei Yuen Street East and West for the souvenirs. You can still go to the Graham Street Wet Market to see locals' dining habits. But you must be quick. Hong Kong's oldest wet market may disappear soon due to the urban renewal project.

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