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FOUR most popular pets in Hong Kong 香港四種最受歡迎寵物

The four most popular pets in Hong Kong are dogs, cats, turtles and birds, not including monkeys.

Hong Kong is a safe city. Instead of seeing the dogs as the guards, people regard their dogs as their children! If you want to see Hong Kong pet dogs' good life, you may go to the 'Pet Street', Victory Avenue, in Kowloon.



Hong Kong is a clean city. Instead of catching mouse, cats help people to earn more LIKES and promote business. You may browse the Facebook Page of 'Tsim Tung Brother Cream'.



Lots of people keep the Red-Eared Sliders. Although they originate from the Mississippi, people always call them the 'Brazilian Turtles'. Apart from the gold fish, you can see lots of 'Brazilian Turtles' at the Gold Fish Market in Kowloon. 

Like the turtles, the small birds, like the Japanese White Eyes, are the suitable pets for the people, who live in the small apartments only. They are the cute good singers. You can enjoy their concerts at the Bird Market.


If you want to go to the above-mentioned sightseeing points related to the pets or get some more information about the Japanese White Eye birds, please contact us. We are Hong Kong tour guide and a bird keeper!


香港治安良好,寵物狗多不用看門口,主人們都當牠們是自己的子女,你們可到九龍的「寵物街」– 勝利道 – 看看小狗們的美好生活。