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5 hidden gems on the Lantau Island 五個遊客忽略的大嶼山景點

Apart from saying hello to the Big Buddha and Mickey Mouse, you can still find 5 out of common tourist track sightseeing points on the largest Lantau Island in Hong Kong......

Inspiration Lake
The free Inspiration Lake, which has a water fountain capable of shooting up to 18 meters in height, is Hong Kong's biggest artificial lake.  Disney uses the water to irrigate its plants.  Travelers may pay a reasonable price to ride bicycle around and have paddle-boating on the lake.  It is a good place for the lovers and families to make some happy memories.

Pak Mong Village

You can see indigenous people's history and life at Pak Mong near the North Lantau Link Highway.  In the past, most Lantau islanders relied on Pak Mong to travel to other places for works and businesses by boats, just like today's Mui Wo or Tung Chung.  You can see two heritages at the remote Pak Mong: a small incinerator to burn the wastes and a guard tower to protect the people.

Tung Chung Fort

Lantau was infamous for its pirates lairs and opium smuggling in the past.  The Qing Dynasty thus built the Tung Chung Fort in about 1830 to strengthen the defense.  The (190 x 740)m fortress is a rare well-preserved military heritage in Hong Kong.  You can still see the old cannons there.

Lou Han (Arhat) Temple  

Lou Han (Arhat) Temple is a good place to understand more about the Buddhism.  In its Arhat Cave, you can see Buddha's students, 18 Arhats.  They have achieved enlightenment, but Buddha ordered them to stay in the world to help the people.  They have different capabilities and wisdom.  They propagate Buddhism through helping people, just like the Saints in the Western religions.

Chek Lap Kok New Village Tin Hau Temple

When government developed the new airport on the Chek Lap Kok Island, the indigenous people with their small temple, which was completely built by the granite, were moved to Lantau.  The rebuilt temple can show you the popular local Goddess of the Seas (Tin Hau) belief, Hong Kong's old industry, masonry, and the masons' great works.


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除了大佛和米奇老鼠,其實香港最大的島嶼 – 大嶼山還有五個遊客常常忽略的有趣景點: