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Ocean Park


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Nam Long Shan, Ocean Park Avenue, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen, Hongkong, China, Hong Kong
Hours : 10am-6pm

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bus No. 629, 630, 72, 96, 592 stops at the entrance

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Hong Kong Ocean Park is a collection of sea and land animals

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Hong Kong Ocean Park is a collection of sea and land animals show, mobile games and large-scale performances of a theme park, is divided into two main peak garden and beach area, inside is divided into eight different subject areas, including animals Asia, vivek heaven and earth, water, dream all of heaven and earth rainforest, moving heaven and earth, ocean heaven and earth, heaven and earth rapids and pole of heaven and earth, heaven and earth to provide all kinds of attractions and entertainm...read more
Ocean Park

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From Billy:
"Ocean Park recently celebrated their 30th anniversary and they commemorated this by developing and adding many new areas to the park. However, the growth did not stop there and it is already proving to be another fun-filled year at this wonderfully unique theme park. In addition to the various renovations, last year the park added two new restaurants and opened a number of new exhibits and rides. The most prominent of these is the park’s two newest members; Le Le and Ying Yi...read more
Re: Ocean Park

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The rides there are perfect for teenagers. And you could get close with seals and penguins, they are wonderful animals!
A Wonderland for kids and for me !

Hong-Kong Ocean Park  is one of the world’s acclaimed educational theme parks.

At the lowland, we saw the adorable “Jia Jia” and “An An”, a pair of giant pandas bestowed on Hong Kong by the Central Government of China at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat.

And we went to the Amazing Dinosaur – Now & Then, Amazon, Butterfly House,  Whiskers’ Wild Ride and Kid’s World, which are so amazing, we lo...read more

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