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Tin Hau Temple


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At Yau Ma Tei MTR station exit C, walk along Nathan Road for two blocks, the temple is located at th, China, Hong Kong
Hours : 8am to 5pm, daily.

About this place

Tin Hau Temple is one of Kowloon’s oldest temples. It is dedicated to Tin Hau, the goddess of seafarers. It is located a few blocks northeast of the Jade Market . Like many other Chinese temples, incense and crowds of worshippers cause jovial congestion. An incense spiral that should burn for 10 days costs HK$130.

Fortune Sticks

Inside the temple you will witness many worshippers shaking a tube of fortune sticks in front of the goddess Tin Hau. The fortune sticks are also known as ’chim’. Seeking the will of God by using the fortune sticks is called ’kau chim’ (’kau’ means request). There are altogether 100 chim sticks contained in the tube which is usually made of bamboo. Shake the tube until one chim stick falls out. According to the number on the stick in combination with your date of birth, a fortune-teller can make predictions based on numerology.


You will find a long row of fortune-tellers through the last doorway on the right from the main entrance of the temple. Signs indicate which fortune-tellers speak English (which means you have no excuse for not trying!).

Estimated Duration of trip:

1 hour 

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By Larry L,

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It is quite small and located behind the main road in a park. It's one of the oldest temples in urban areas.
Tin Hau Temple is one of Kowloon’s oldest temples.

Tin Hau Temple is one of Kowloon’s oldest temples, and it is old when you walk inside the temple, you ca feel the atmosphere there with history and cultural.
We saw many local people, especially old ladies they burn some incense first then go to have a Chim, then ask their fortunate for themselves or for their family. Some people think it`s kind of suspicious, but i think it`s their culture, and it`s really cool sometimes because they will tell something will real happen in the futu...read more

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