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The Peak
太平山 (山顶)


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Hours : The tram to the peak starts at 7am and the last tram departs just before midnight.

About this place

Back in the days before Disneyland and soaring cable cars, the Peak was the prime destination for visitors to Hong Kong. The timeless spot has always offered the best views of Hong Kong with the site taking in an average of six million visitors every year. With the Peak Tower having recently undergone a makeover, Hong Kong’s premier tourist destination has become sexy again. 

The Peak Tram   

For a classic Hong Kong experience, try viewing skyscrapers whilst traveling up an almost vertical gradient on a tram. The Peak Tram is a historic funicular railway operating since 1888. The tram ascends 373 meters from the Lower Peak Tram Terminus in Central to The Peak. The steepest inclination is 27 degrees at May Road. If you have the heart to stand up from your seat, gravity automatically kicks in and you will actually be standing at a 45 degree angle on the way up - a really unique experience which will have the rest of the passengers staring at you in awe. Measuring 1365 meters, the tram is the shortest, yet most beautiful route to The Peak. The Peak Tram is computer-controlled. All safety devices are checked automatically before each ascension begins, just in case you have any safety concerns about traveling up a 27 degree incline in a tram - not something you experience every day.

- Hours of Operation: Everyday, including all public holidays, from 7:00 am to midnight, departing every 15 minutes.
- Roundtrip fare: HK$30 for adults / HK$9 for children / HK$14 for seniors
- One way fare: HK$20 for adults / HK$6 for children / HK$7 for seniors

Tips: Adjacent to the Peak Tram, The Lion Pavillion offers some of the clearest views of the skyline. They are the just off the right on the start of a trail that goes round the Peak.

The Peak Hong Kong Nature Walk

Looking to share a romantic moment with a loved one or get the kids outdoors and produce an indelible memory for the family? Then take a leisurely stroll along one of the nature trails originating at The Peak Tower. While you relax amidst lush green vegetation you can savor the glorious panoramic views of Hong Kong. Choose among one of the following four routes:

(1) Mount Austin Playground (5 to 10 mins) - an ideal picnic area for families
(2) Victoria Peak Garden (30 to 40 mins) - located 554 meters above sea level, this excellent resting place offers a view of the whole of Hong Kong
(3) Hong Kong Trail, a circuit of The Peak (45 to 60 mins) - an easy, scenic trail for all ages.
(4) Pok Fu Lam Country Park (35 to 45 mins) - where you can find a stream cascading towards Pok Fu Lam Reservoir

Tips: If time allows, do the Hong Kong Trail during the daytime, so you can soak in the optimum vantage point from Lugard Road Lookout. At night choose one of the many themed restaurants providing the stunning view.

How to get there

The Peak
- Bus 15 - Exchange Square in Central (daily from 6:15 am to 12:15 am, HK$8.8)
- Green minibus no. 1: City Hall in Central (daily, HK$7.4)

The Peak Tram Terminus on Garden Road
- Bus 15C: Star Ferry Pier in Central (daily 10:00 am to 11:45 pm, HK$3.2)
- On foot: from Central MTR station exit J2, walk about 10 minutes

Estimated duration

Sightseeing only: 3 hours
Sightseeing + dinner: 5 hours

Further info
The Peak Lookout Restaurant

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User Reviews

Re: The Peak

I would strongly recommend you guys to go up the peak. Once you guys get there especially in the evening, you guys will be able to see amazing nightview, skylines of Hong Kong and sympony of light at 8pm!
However, there will be extremely many tourists around this time so that you might wait for a long time.
Fortunately, we could skip the long queue because we bought online tickets from klook travel. They arrangeda guide for us and he helped us to more
Re: The Peak

By Julia Zhu,

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The best panorama spot.
Waste of Time

By Tai-Te,

Have a fun trip!


Our experience on the tram and The Peak wasn't so great. First we waited for a long time in a packed line up, then took the tram up. The tram was fun because of the steep angle. Then we got to the top and everybody has to take about 8 stories of escalators. When we finally got up, it was so packed that we couldn't even enjoy the view at all!
There's actually a better view near one of the bathrooms, than there is by the main viewing area.
If our feet weren't so more
The best place the look at the whole Hong-Kong

I think in Hong-Kong there is no place can compare The peak that have a best view of Hong-Kong, especially the night views.
After the dinner, walking till the Peak, and enjoy the peaceful that the wind brings you, and the darkness made the night even more beautiful, i think that`s why many local people and travels like to come here.

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