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International Finance Centre (IFC)


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The International Finance Centre (IFC) is the second-tallest building in Hong Kong. It is composed of two structures, the 39-story One IFC and the infamous 88-story Two IFC. At night it is gothically illuminated and it is no surprise that this was one of the few actual skyscrapers to be used in the Batman film, The Dark Knight.


Although this is the tallest building in Hong Kong - being just slightly taller than the Peak Tower viewing gallery - there is only one slightly limited public viewpoint (basically a monetary museum with a view), which can be accessed by the front entrance via a pass provided by the security guards of the building. While the office towers provides (private) business executives with excellent facilities and professional management service, the public IFC shopping mall below presents an unbeatable shopping experience. Aside from housing some of the swankiest restaurants and bars, there are also topnotch shops selling everything from clothing and fashion accessories to beauty products and home decorations. If you seek a more cerebral experience, take in a movie at the grandiose Palace IFC, or enjoy a cup of coffee at the cinema café while reading books related to music, art and film. From time to time the IFC mall also holds exhibitions. If you have the opportunity to cook instead of eating out, visit city’super, a unique up-scale Japanese supermarket which boasts high quality groceries including cheese and wine from around the world.

How to get there: Take MTR to Central/Hong Kong Station 

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Re: International Finance Centre (IFC)

By Larry L,

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A beautiful mall with great view and excellent transportation connections. Not a big size but shops, cafes and restaurants are of great quality.
Re: International Finance Centre (IFC)

By Grace Yang,

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Easy to find.
Re: International Finance Centre (IFC)

By Eric Denny,

A fun & experienced guide with wonderful stories all over West China.


Good to know the story,about this building.
Re: International Finance Centre (IFC)
Re: International Finance Centre (IFC)

By Qinqin,

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the photo above talks about IFC in HK, and the photo below is IFC in Shanghai.
Re: International Finance Centre (IFC)

Seems very tall!
Re: International Finance Centre (IFC)

 Wow...these building is definitely a tall one.
Tall building - world Competition

Look at all these tall buildings in the world, it`s like an endless Competition, these tall buildings are like bamboo after rain, growing really fast.

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