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epöch coffee bar & desserterie


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No. 12-14 Wing Fun Sreet, Star Street Precinct (Admiralty MTR station; exit F), China, Hong Kong
Hours : Mon-Sun, 7:30am-12midnight.

About this place

Unlike the other traditional soporific brand-named coffeehouses, this place is more of a coffee-hangout or a coffee-club. That’s not to say it is any less comfortable though; it is just more of a chicly trendy spot to grab your daily dosage of caffeine. Like its name, epöch is slightly alternative and unorthodox; with the stylish interior space housing a DJ booth, a magazine and CD corner (with purchasable CD’s), an exhibition space for upcoming art, and of course the seats and coffee bar itself. epöch regularly features exhibits by local artists and they are probably the only coffee shop in the world with their own in-house DJ.

Nevertheless, none of these elements take any focus away from the coffee, as they serve up some of the best quality java in town. I am not exaggerating too, because this place is one of the few recognised illycaffè outlets in town and the only to feature an authentic illy Italian espresso machine. As the full title of the coffee bar suggests, epöch also offers up a selection of the finest desserts in town, with their latest range being made by French pastry chef, Etienne Irazoqui, who once helped make a birthday cake for Madonna. When matched with their music and coffee, a rose-infused pastry or the signature 7-Layer Chocolate Cake will certainly make one feel a little like the ‘material girl’ herself. 

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There is an exhibition space for upcoming art . It is very nice for people to relax.

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