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Let me Guide your Iran Tours though exciting land

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Spend a pleasant strolling through the Bazaare moshir in Shiraz

Back to where you’d turned right, if you continue for a few more minutes, you will see pretty high arched ceilings on both sides of the street. They’re the bazaar passageways of Shiraz. The Northern one may not have the charm and attraction of the Southern one, but makes you familiar with the genuine function of this traditional bazaar where people go to in order to purchase their everyday lives’ essentials. The one on the right is a fascinating example of Iranian architecture in its bazaars. An Iran travel plan will not be complete without having such a walking tour to its hotspots.

Make sure you go through various parts of it including textile, carpets, handicrafts (Sara-ye-Moshir). This section is a dazzling part of the bazaar easily distinguishable for its charming tile works and the pool in the middle of its courtyard. Several types of handicrafts from Fars province can be found here. To reach there, you need to go to the end of the main passageway, turn left and walk for 20 meters and you can see the entrance on the left.