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Let me Guide your Iran Tours though exciting land

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How to Travel to Iran as an American?

I am holding USA/American passports and keen to Visit Iran, what is the tips for me as an Americal travelers who is traveling to Iran. you should carefully read below advices, this article is about a guides for american travelers for planning a visit Iran.

Visa for Travel to Iran for most nationalities including those from the USA, Canada and the UK need a visa to enter Iran as a tourist, But what about me as an American Travelers, Do i need visa for Iran.

It can be a little difficult in a first steps if you are an American citizen who are travel to Iran. It is also recommended from the US govt. as well that for the American travelers, the most suitable way to travel to Iran is to take a tours to Iran.

Here are some tips about visa and staying in Iran, so you may enjoy your travel with ease and comfort.

For Iran Visa:

You should submit your passport to the Iranian Interests Section of the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, D.C. You will need to submit two passport photos. If you are female, your hair MUST be covered in the photos. You will also need to submit a visa fee. Fees vary based on nationality; as of June 3, 2008, fees for Americans are $104. If you are sending your passport by post, you will need to include $20 for a return postage fee.

For Travel:

For your tours to Iran, it is strongly advisable that your travel agency must be a good service provider and responsible about your care. You can find the best services and packages about your plan, and a budget Iran Tours can be a reality rather than a dream.