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How easy os to apply the Iran Visa

One or Two week tourist visa to Iran, The Iranian ministry of foreign affairs introduces the operational procedures for 7 to 14 days Iran Tourist Visa upon Arrival. Nationals of some countries holding ordinary passports and wishing to visit Iran mainland, can obtain a one or two week Iran Tourist Visa upon Arrival.

These Iranian airports provide you Iran Visa Upon arrival:

IKA: Tehran international Imam Khomeini Airport

THR: Tehran international Mehrabad Airport

ISF: Isfahan international Airport

MHD: Mashad international Airport
SYZ: Shiraz international Airport

TBZ: Tabriz international Airport

Needed document for Iran visa application upon arrival at the airport

Filling related forms at international airport

2 recently passport sized photo

Return ticket

Passport with at least six month validity

50 U.S.D Iran Visa fee

Nationalities to be granted Iran Visa Tourist at the airport upon arrival

Albania, Austria, Armenia, Australia.

Bahrain, Brazil, Brunei, Belarusian, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

China, Croatia, Cyprus, Columbia.


Finland, France.

Germany, Greece, Georgia.

Hungary, Holland (the Netherlands).

Italy, Ireland, India, Indonesia.


Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, North Korea, South Korea.

Lebanon, Luxemburg.

Mexico, Malaysia, Mongolia.

Norway, New Zealand.


Poland, Philippine, Palestine, Portugal, Peru.


Russia federation, Romania.

Spain, Serbia & Montenegro, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, Syria, Saudi Arabia.

Thailand, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan.

Ukraine, Uzbekistan, UAE United Arab Emirates.

Venezuela, Vietnam.