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Xixia Dinasour relic park of Nanyang

      Xixia Dinosaur Relic Park locates in Nanyang, which is in the southwestern part of Henan Province. First of all, I'd like to tell you a little something about Nanyang, Nanyang is very famous because of its geographical location, its history and its tradition.

      Xixia Dinosaur Relic Park is the core scenic area of Funiu world geographic park, and it is also be listed as the world ninth miracle.

      There is a Dinosaur Egg Fossil Museum inside of the relic park, where the dinosaur egg fossil is the main display, and this is the characteristic of this museum. This is also the sole museum around the whole China where the main exhibition is dinosaur egg fossil.

      Xixia Dinosaur Relic Park has been listed as China's Popular Science Education Base in 2009, and has been listed as China's 5A tourist spot in 2014, the characteristic culture base by the culture agency in Henan Province.

      As a large dinosaur theme park,  Xixia Dinosaur Relic Park is at Sanlimiao village, Xixia County, Nanyang City, Henan Provice, and it is 100 Kilometers from Nanyang city area to Sanlimiao Village.

      Xixia Dinosaur Relic Park mainly comprises Geographic Square of Popular Science, Museum of Dinosaur Egg Fossil, Dinosaur Egg Relic Park Area, Simulation Dinosaur Park Area, Carnival Entertainment Park, Aquatic Park of Dinosaur Area, and Hotel of Dinosaur World. it integrate Popular Science, Sightseeing, Entertainment, Relaxation and Science Research together.

      And the best time of coming here is between March to May, September to November every single year.  Because this area is monsoon climate area, the air temperature is smooth and clean in spring and autumn. you will feel refreshness and fragrance in spring and autumn time.

      The tour lover, especially the persons who is fond of exploring the dinosaur secret and interested in dinosaur habitat, I strongly recommend you and your family come and explore things together here.

      Xixia Dinosaur Relic Park and Nanyang People are waiting for you, all the friends coming from anywhere around the world. Weclome to Xixia Dinosaur Relic Park.

      I also warmly welcome you come here to visit.