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Xinmi Ancient City

    Xinmi Ancient City is located at Xinmi, Xinmi is a county affiliated with Zhengzhou, and it is locating in the southeastern part of Zhengzhou area, you can arrive here with 40 minutes from Zhengzhou by bus.
    Xinmi Ancient City is not a well-known tourist place in China or in Henan Province, but it is really a wonderful and mysterious place worthy of having a look at for you, especially for foreign tourists who have a especially interest in the old architecture style of China.
    Xinmi Ancient City was firstly established at Sui Dynasty, and it is a city of more than 1390 years. You can still see Xinmi County Government- what we calls as Yamen, City God’s Temple, Confucious Temple, Book Yard, Ancient Street, Quiet People, Ancient Style Houses and so many other things related to old memories. We have a full reason to say that Xinmi Ancient City is one of the best preserved ancient cities in China.
    I, personally, think that Xinmi Ancient City is definitely a worthwhile place for you to have a look. And right now Xinmi Ancient City has not been developed as a key tourist place, so it is for free. Plus, you can have a taste at many famous snacks at Xinmi Ancient City. Many of these snacks spread from Qing Dynasty or so.
    Xinmi Ancient City warmly welcomes friends from all over the world.