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Spring Temple Buddha Statue

Spring Temple Buddha Statue locates at Foquan Temple of Raoshan, which is in Lushan County, Pingdingshan Municipality, and it is for the time being the highest buddhist statue around the world, the statue's general height is 208 meters, and its main frame is 108 meter's high. The lotus position is 20 meters high, the king kong's position is 25 meters high, the sumeru's position is 55 meters high.

Spring Temple Buddha Statue has been listed as one of the 5A senic area by Chinese Tour Government.

Spring Temple Buddha Statue started being built back to AC1997, and it was designed and made by a very famous design expert-Master Shengbiao Lin, and it was open to the public back to the November of 2008, and 108 monks were witnessing the opening ceremony, and they are from everywhere of China, including China's Mainland, Hongkong and Maocao.

The construction of Spring Temple Buddha Statue lasts about 12 years and the total investments come into about 12 billion, so it is a very treasurable and precious statue in Henan Province and the whole China.

For making the statue, the comsuption of copper is 2200 tons, gold is 108 tons, steel is about 1500 tons, and the surface area is 11300 squares, connecting by welding 13300 pieces of copper billets. So it is really a very tough program.

Now, if you wanna to come to Spring Temple Buddha Statue, you can come here easily by going along the high-speed way which starts at Zhengzhou, ends at Lushan County, and Spring Temple Buddha Statue is right locats in the western part of  Lushan County Area, about 50kilometers from the downtown area of Lushan County. So it is very convenient for you to come here to Spring Temple Buddha Statue.

And what's more, you will not only just see the Spring Temple Buddha Statue, because it has become a tourist district, and this district comprises Spring Temple Buddha Statue mainly, and then Foquan Temple, Heat's willing Tai, Fuhui Avenue, Polite Buddha Tai, Propitious Bell, Cultural Palace of Buddha, Cultural Stele Corridor.

And what's most important is that this tourist district becomes more and more famous and it is the largest tourist destination in the southwestern part of Henan Province, and Funiu Mountain is also involved in this tourist district, so it is really worthy of your coming and visiting. Because, you know, Funiu Mountain is one of the largest and widest mountain ranges in China's mainland. and Funiu Mountain has a wide range of animals, insects and plants.

The open time of a single day is: 8:00am to 17:30pm.

The ticket costs 120RMB for one person, but you can get a discount if you are elder than 60 ages, and also if you have student, soldier or journalist certificate.

So last but not least, I still wanna to say: Spring Temple Buddha Statue warmly welcomes friends from all over the world to have a look.


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