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Shaolin Temple

    Shaolin Temple is the most famous tourist attraction in Henan Province, and it is punctually in Dengfeng, which is affiliated with Zhengzhou.

    Shaolin Temple is somehow famous for the movie called as the same name as Shaolin Temple which is starring by one of the very famous movie actor Jet Li. You might as well take a look at this movie if you have time. I can promise you will truly and deeply love it. Personally, I love Jet Li very much and I like his movies very much.

    Shaolin Temple is a Buddhism Temple, it has a lot related to Buddhism, and you will learn a lot about Buddhism when you are taking a visit around Shaolin Temple. There are many monks and nuns around Shaolin Temple.

    Shaolin Temple is also a place which has such a long history, and you will also know a lot about Chinese history when you are in Shalin Temple. Shaolin Temple was established in North Wei Dynasty.

    What visitors are especially interested in is Shaolin Kungfu, Shaolin Kungfu is Chinese martial arts, it comprises of many Traditional Chinese Factors, and Shaolin Kungfu includes Shaolin Boxing, Shaolin Cudgel and some weapons. Nowadays, many Shaolin Buddhist are performing and teaching Shaolin Kungfu around the whole world, they are dedicated themseves to the promoting of the development and  inheritage of Shaolin Kungfu.

    Shaolin Temple is warmly welcoming visitors from the whole world, and I think you will definitely enjoy youself while visiting around Shaolin Temple.