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Nanyang Longgang

    Nanyang Longgang locates 4 kilometers wesf of Nanyang City, Nanyang is a very famous city for it's long history and rish culture. Longgang means Crouching Dragon, it gets this name because of the shape of the hills in Longgang looks like a crouching dragon so much, and in the mean time, because one very famous person called Zhu Geliang once lived here. that is the very reason why they give the name Longgang to this place.

    Wuhou Temple was built in Longgang, originally built in Wei Dynasty, flourished in Tang Dynasty, this was the living house of Zhu Geliang, who was a very famous politician and strategist in Warrior Stage. 

    Nanyang Longgang was listed as the first Key Cultural Protection Unit of Henan Province in 1963, was listed as the National Key Cultural Protection Unit by State Department in 1996, get the honor of National 4A Tourist Attraction in 2007, was rated as the Second LeveL National Museum by the state bureau of cultural relics in 2008,  won the honor of Henan Top Ten Tourist Attraction in 2014.

    The climate of this area is temperate and it covers a land of 160000 square meters, open time from 8:00am to 17:00pm.

    Nanyang Longgang is the place with a long history because of Zhu Geliang once lived here. and you can hear a lot of stories about Zhu Geliang once you come here, and there are many testimonies which can prove Zhu Geliang for sure has been here for a living for a long time. 

    The Top Ten Sight Spot in Longgang are: Zhuge Thatched Cottage, Gubai Pavilion, Liangfu Rock, Baoxi Stone, Banyue Platform, Old Dragon Cave, Yeyun Nunnery, Zhuge Well, Gonggeng Pavilion, Xiaohong Bridge, and ETC.

    There were many famous persons and poets once came here and paid high praise on Longgang Area in Chinese history.

    Ok, friends, in one word, you can see and hear a lot about Zhu Geliang in Longgang Area, so this is a perfect you shall never miss if you wanna to know something about Zhu Geliang or if you have a strong interest in Zhu Geliang or Chinese history.

    Nanyang Longgang warmly welcomes friends from all over the world to come.

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