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     KANGBAI-WANIS Mansions is Chinese key cultural relic protection unit, it is located inKangdian Town, Gongyi City, Gongyi is actually a county affiliated with Zhengzhou, and it is quite in the northeastern part of Zhengzhou area.

    KANGBAI-WANIS Mansions is a typical feudal fortress architecture, Mount Mang is at the backof it and River Luo is at the front of it. Mount Mang is the largest mountain in Zhengzhou area, and River Luo is the longest river which is spreading through Zhengzhou to Luoyang.

    KANGBAI-WANIS Clan is a joint name of the Kangying Kui Clan, KANGBAI-WANIS Clan is a very large clan, and there are together 412 celebrity from Qing Dynasty till present day.

    KANGBAI-WANIS Clan get wealthy firstly because of salt business, the sixth decedants of Kang's Clan was a governmental officer at Ming Dynasty, later, Kang's Clan monopolized cloth business and fishing boat industry. And later of that, Kang's Clan has had a tremendous amount of stores which is spreading through Shangdong, Shan'xi and Henan Province, they had become very wealthy at that time, so people called Kang's Clan as BAI-WAN, and BAI-WAN means a person is a millionaire.

    But the name KANGBAI-WAN was actually given by the Douger Empress CI'XI, the foreign imperialists invaded China in 1900, and  the Douger Empress CI'XI met acorss the Kang's decendants during her escaping way, and Kang's decendants donated 1million to Douger Empress CI'XI, so CI'XI gave Kang's Family this name: KANGBAI-WAN.

    KANGBAI-WANIS Mansion is a symbol of feudal fortress architecture, it comprises of  residental district, southern yard, temple district, working dsitrict, garden and so, there are 33 yards, 53 buidings, 1300 houses and 73 cave-houses together, the whole place is 64300 square kilometers.

    KANGBAI-WANIS Mansions warmly welcomes friends from all over the world.