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Hometown of Yellow Emperor

    Today I'd like to tell something about Hometown of Yellow Emperor, which is located at Xinzheng, and Xinzheng is a small county which is affiliated with Zhengzhou, it lies not so far to the south of Zhengzhou City.    

    Hometown of Yellow Emperor was first established at Han Dynasty, and Xinzheng's Government expanded its establishment in the later days, and today it has become a saint place for the all the Chinese, especially for those who is all the way living overseas, to seek their roots and worship their ancestors.    

    Many Chinese will come here for seeking roots and worshiping ancestors every year at the Spring time.    

    I, hereby, give you some brief introduction of Yellow Emperor, Yellow Emperor is the earliest ancestor for all the Chinese, and the so called Chinese descendant, in Chinese called 炎黄子孙.

    For the tourist destination of Hometown of Yellow Emperor, there are so many other architectures of Chinese character, you can take a look at them one by one when you got a chance to come here.    

    Hometown of Yellow Emperor warmly welcomes friends from all over the world.