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Dragon Pavilion of Kaifeng

    Kaifeng Dragon Pavilion is a renowned tour destination of Kaifeng, just subordinate to Qingming River Park.

    Before introducing Dragon Pavilion, I'd firstly like to tell you something about Kaifeng, Kaifeng is a very famous city all around China, because it was the capital of China in ancient times, and Kaifeng was the capital of 7 Dynasties in Chinese history. In other words, we can definitely say Kaifeng is a city with a very long and very deep history.

    Dragon Pavilion is one part of the castle and palace of ancient Kaifeng, and you know what, in ancient times after the last dynasty of Kaifeng's being the capital, People Jin destroyed most of Kaifeng's palaces and castles, and long time ago, Yellow River  breached and flooded through Kaifeng, and that led to the disappear of almost all the palaces of Kaifeng, and finally, only Dragon Pavilion survived. We can also say Dragon Pavilion is the only left of Kaifeng's ever magnificent palaces and ancient buildings.

    Kaifeng people all love Dragon Pavilion very much, and Dragon Pavilion is the only thing that can  prove and testify the ever flourishment and prosperity of Kaifeng.

    Kaifeng Dragon Pavilion welcomes friends from all over the world.