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Guoliang Tunnel

Guoliang Tunnel is actually a road built up in the wall of mountains, we can also call it as high way hanging in the wallIt  or Guoliang Cliff corridor , and it is in Guoliang village, Guoliang Village is located at Huixian County, Xinxiang City.

Guoliang Tunnel is called as One of Ten Most Dangerous Roads around the World and One of 18 Strangest Roads around the World.

Today I'd just like to tell you something about the history of Guoliang Tunnel.

Actually, Guoliang Tunnel is originally a road built up the wall of mountain for the people living in Guoliang village to come in and go out of Guoliang village, Guoliang village is a very poor village in the early days, because it is located on the cliff with the height of 1700 meters, and three facets of the village are high mountains, the other one facets is cliff, so people living this village can hardly communicate with outside world, and there are just one  footpath through which people can go out and come in. This footpath is so narrow that it just allows one person to go one time.

In the year 1971, people in Guoliang village determined to change this situation, they wanted to communicate with outside world and they wanted to build a road leading to the outside world.

In the year 1972, they started to chisel holes on Guoliang Cliff, and the process was very tough at that time at that condition, without modern equipments, without enough foods, without too much money, with the process of 5 years, people in Guoliang village finally finished this magnificent wonder road manually.

Finally I need to say something about Guoliang Spirit, that means: endeavor, striving, industrious and any other adjectives we can sum up for the wonderful people.

Nowadays, Guoliang Tunnel has been a wonder around the world and you can feel Guoliang Spirit when you are here.

Guoliang Tunnel warmly welcomes friends from all over the world.