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Dahuting Han Dynasty Tombs

    Dahuting Han Dynasty Tombs are located at Xinmi, Henan Province, and Xinmi is affiliated at the southeastern part of Zhengzhou Area. The tourist can go to Xinmi City by taxi or public bus from Zhengzhou City Area within approximately 40 mimutes.

    Dhuting Han Dynasty is one of the largest Han Tombs around China and meanwhile the national key cultural protection unit. It has a long history of more than 1800 years,

    The most shining part of Dahuting Han Tombs is the tomb room underneath the ground and the wall painting on the wall of the underground rooms.

    The underground rooms are mainly built with the grave stones and some very great bricks, which has a very magnificent and stately styly and structure, the tourists will of course be thrilled about the state of these underground rooms.

    Dahuting Han Tombs mainly has two big tombs, the eastern and the western part, and almost all of these rooms are built according to the life of the master of these tombs, there are kitchen, yard, bedroom, dining room, horse room and so on, and these rooms are far deep to 60 or 70 meters in the ground. The tourist  will surely experience the feeling which you can have in the movie Indiana Jones, because I personally think the process of visiting Dahuting Han Tombs is so much alike going through some adventure novels. The tourist will surely like it.

    As for the wall paintings, there are Yanyinbaixi Painting, Xiangpu Painting, Xiche Painting and so forth.

    Yanyinbaixi Painting depicts: Artists are performing while a banquet is happening, tourist can see some people are having a big banquet and some artists are performing, there are many programs.

    Xiangpu Painting describes: The wrestling sports which is very popular in Japan in nowadays, and this proves there are Xiangpu in China more than 1800 years ago.

    Xiche Painting depicts: A horse car match in the ancient times and it is the highest class painting in Dahuting Han Tombs.

    Dahuting Han Tombs was discovered accidentally so the reason why people named it as Dahuting is still a secret. Some people thought the name Dahuting is because these tombs are within a small village, and this village is called as Dahuting, and some other people thought the name of Dahuting is originated from a legend or a story.

    This story generally said: there is a people called Changshi, this Changshi had help the first king of Eastern Han to found his kingdom, and the king wanted to thank Changshi, so he gave this Dahuting Village to Changshi as Changshi and his family clan as their tomb place.

    Whatsoever, all of these guesses are all and still guesses, as for the real thing, you can maybe get it when you go to Dahuting.

    Dahuting Han Dynasty Tombs is taken as the No.1 Eastern Han Dynasty Tombs, it is the best preserved, it has the precious cultural value.

    Dahuting Han Dynasty Tombs warmly welcomes friends from all over the world.