How can I change my username?

If you need to change your username or upload a scan of your Tour Guide certificate, you can contact our customer service staff for help.


How can I get more business?

You'll get more business by following the tips below.

1. Sign up for a Premium Account.

2. Ask previous customers to post a review on your profile. Tour Guides with reviews are more likely to be trusted.

3. Post content. Display your knowledge about your area and drive more traffic to your profile. Plus, for every piece of content you post, you gain a point. For each point you have, the higher you appear on lists of Tour Guides. Learn more here.


How do I get points?

Points are a way of encouraging users to post content. You will receive one point every time you post content. Points affect your ranking in the list of Tour Guides. The higher the points, the higher your ranking. Each time you add a piece of content, such as an Attraction, Photo-album, Tour or Article. Learn more here.


When will the content I posted be published?

It takes up to 4 work days for our moderators to check and approve new content. 


How come I lost some points?

Please see our Content Quality Guidelines.


What’s an Editor’s Pick?

We select several Editor Picks per week to reward great content. Content marked as an 'Editor's Pick' shows up more prominently on the site. The authors also get an extra 20 points. Please see our Content Quality Guidelines for more info.


How can I move up higher on the Tour Guide lists?

There are two ways for you to improving your ranking: 

1. Add more content to gain more points.

2. Buy a Premium Account and your profile will be shown before profiles of regular Tour Guides.