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  • What’s Synortip?

Synotrip was founded by a group of passionate young people, who love traveling and sharing different cultures all over the world with others. It’s a free platform for English speaking guides/drivers/interpreters/translators, aiming to provide useful tour information to travelers and help travelers and tour guides get in touch with each other directly. 

If you are a tour guide, you can post all kinds of information related to the destinations where you work to introduce yourself and attract travelers.

If you are a traveler, you can search for all kinds of information related to travel and find your ideal tour guide to make your journey more complete and wonderful.


  • How to become a tour guide?

If you're a tour guide and want to get as much business as possible, this section is for you.

It's easy to get started, and free too!


2.Set up your profile. Check out our tips on creating a great profile.

3.Add content. Publish content to earn point for ranking. Check our Content Quality Guidelines 

4.Get connected. Want to hear about tips, deals and changes to the site? You can keep up-to-date via via Facebook, Weibo, WeChat or our email newsletter. If you're not signed up yet, you can manage your newsletter subscriptions here.

5.More Business.

Read more for details.


  • How to change your user name or add a guide license on your profile?

If you need to change your user name and upload your guide certificate (the image of tour license), you can contact our customer service staff for help.


  • How to create a great profile?

Your profile is your most important marketing tool!

When a potential customer arrives on your profile, it's your chance to persuade them to contact you. It's important to enter an accurate, appealing description of yourself and your services.


•Photos are very important. Tour guides with photos that give a clear view of their face attract more clients.

•Be honest about your level of English. 

•The About Me section of your profile is key. 

•Your tagline shows up on every piece of content you add, so make it count. 

Read more for details.


  • How to get more business

You'll get more business by following the tips below.

1.Consider a Premium Account.

2.Ask previous customers to post a review on your profile. Users with reviews are more likely to be trusted.

3.Post content. Display your knowledge about your area and drive more traffic to your profile. Plus, for every piece of content you post, you gain a point. For each point you have, the higher you appear on lists of tour guides. 


  • How do I get points?

Point is a way of encouraging users to post content. Users will receive one-point every time you add a content. For tour guides, point affects your ranking in the list of tour guides, points higher, ranking higher. Each time you add a piece of content, such as attractions, photo-albums, tours, articles, you will receive 1 point.


  • When will the content I posted be published?

There is so much new content posted by users on our site every day, it usually takes 1-3 workdays for our Admin to check all the new content to see if they conform to our regulations. If they do, they will be published ASAP. Please wait a little bit longer. 


  • How to use points?

For tour guides, point affects your ranking in the list of tour guides, points higher, ranking higher. In addition, the points can also be used to exchange Syno customized gifts and premium account.


  • How come I lost some points?

To those users who is against the rules, we will take punishment measures as follows: 

1.Warning for the first violation;

2.5 points deducted for the second violation;

3.20 points deducted and account frozen for one week for the third violation. 

4.If another violation happens, then points will be cleared.

Check our Content Quality Guideline.


  • What’s Editor’s Pick?

We weekly select several Editor Picks (extra 20 points). As you have probably seen, tour guides on Synotrip are listed by type of account (Premium and Regular) and by number of points. The higher, the better. You may want to read Content Quality Guidelines to avoid your posts getting unpublished.


  • How to make guides’ profile rank high?

There are two ways for you to improving your ranking: 

1. Add more content to gain more points. The more points you have, the higher your profile will rank.

2. Buy Premium Account. With it your profile will be shown before profiles before Regular Tour Guides.


  • What’s Premium Account?

Premium Account is our site's value-added services, Premium Account has some privileges, which Regular Tour Guide doesn’t have, click here for details.


  • Tips from Harris, a Synotrip veteran tour guide

Harris is one of the most active tour guides on Synotrip. He's been using the site for over a year now and has developed a winning strategy to attract the most clients. We asked if he would share some of his insights with you and he was glad to!

Q: I see you have had over 30 thousand views of your profile since we added the view-counter. Has Synotrip been a help for your business?

A: Definitely yes! Synotrip brings me a daily average of about 90 profile views. A couple client inquiries come to me every week of which some turn into tour bookings. Synotrip has been very helpful to my business.


Q: You've added a lot of useful and interesting content on Synotrip - everything from an article on cricket fighting in China to niche tourist attractions like the Dongtai Road Antique Market. How do you choose what to post?

A: I like to share with foreign tourists what is popular and interesting among locals. Normally I go to these sites with or without my clients and then write down what I see and feel. I tend to touch on those seasonal or off-the-beaten-road sites and subjects.


Q: Do the customers you find from Synotrip ever refer to a specific Article or Listing that you posted?

A: Yes. Some customers contact me after they read an interesting Article or Listing on my page of Synotrip. The Article or Listing or any other contribution makes you different from other guides.


Q: What are your top three tips for tour guides that are new to Synotrip?

A: 1) Stick to the newsletters and Tour Request notifications issued by Synotrip.

Why: Stay informed of useful tips given by Synotrip and customer tour inquiries.

2) Contribute original Articles, Listings and Photos

Why: It enables you to stand out as an independent contributor to Synotrip.

3) Upgrade to a premium account

Why: Get higher exposure to customers and more benefits from Synotrip.

You can see more about Harris and his content at