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Harbin local snacks Nov 17, 2013

Harbin boasts a wide variety of scrumptious, regional Chinese cuisines and a few down-home specialties, all of which stem from the Harbin history. Take folk snacks as the core in Harbin, for example: candied hawthorns, chestnut roasted with sugar, rice cake, roasted sausage, jujube, dried persimmon, sunflower seeds, etc. These traditional diet is well received by the tourists all around the world, coz the local snacks of Harbin taste wonderfully good.

In fact, the candied hawthorns represent the common people's wish, wish for better life and for harmony of family and the whole country. 

As winter comes, the air is always filled with the aroma of roasted chestnuts at streets and lanes in Harbin, thus the chestnut roasted with sugar is a delicacy right for the seasons.

There are all kinds of local snacks in Harbin, I like eating all of them, coz they are really delicious. Ok, what are you waiting for? Come on, let us try it now!

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