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Dancing in the snow Nov 17, 2013

It was a bit cloudy in the morning of Nov 17 2013, immediate came to a small countless sparkling stars, it is sprinkled with snow, the sun's shining, this can be heavenly. Gradually, the snow began, and continue to increase the intensity of wave. Finally hearty noon to dance together, the whole white world immersed in joy.

Then the two dancers put the music on, and they all danced the Xinjiang Uygur Folk Dance. They danced to the music in a round. What is more, they danced not with their legs or arms, but with their entire bodies, undulating their abdomens. Sometimes the people doing this dance hold brightly colored scarves. The snow white flowers danced with the two dancers, they looked like actors dancing or flying on an underwater stage.

This is ideal in their dance of the snow!

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