Ci JI Temple- Temple of Bao Sheng Emperor Tours – Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

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Ci JI Temple- Temple of Bao Sheng Emperor


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Qishan QingJiao Village, Haicang District, Xiamen, China, Fujian Province, Xiamen
Hours : 1-2 hours

About this place

Bao Sheng Dadi or Baosheng Emperor ( literally means life protection emperor) (979-1036) was born in . Pai-chiao Village of Tung-an County in Quanzhou. , His name was Wu Ben Hua, a descendant of Zhou dynasty Emperor Tai Bo. After the fall of the Zhou dynasty, all the loyal family was scattered all over in exile. To avoid being traced, they changed their family name to Wu. For several generations, the family members seek refuges in Buddhism, thus able to survive for nine generations. Wu Ben’s father name was Wu Tong and his mother name was Huang Shi.
During his lifetime, Baosheng Emperor devoted himself to medical miracles. After his ascension, Dadi repeatedly displayed his divine powers, which assisted the nation as well as the people. When Sung Kao-tzung was the crown prince and sent to be a hostage at the Jin Court, it was Dadi’s divine presence that saved Kao-tzung and escorted him back to China. After Kao-tzung had ascended the throne, he ordered the founding of a temple (the ancestral temple for Baosheng Emperor) and bestowed the title of Great Tao Immortal on Dadi.
Bao Sheng Dadi saved a lots people’s life. Public people respect him very much and worship him as a Buddha after his death.

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