Liuhe Pagoda

First we see this white marble statue is a fish child. He named Liuhe means six harmonies. His hands holding of stone ready to throw on the river,his eyes full of anger. Here is a legend. Once there is a dragon king lived in this river, who with very strange character,always made flood to submerge the house by the river’s side. Peasant afraid of this every day. Liuhe leaded people to against the dragon king,they threw many stones to beat the dragon,finally quelled the dragon king. From then peasant plant and have a happiness life.

In order to remember this affairs,people built this pagoda. It’s only a story from folk,but it shows that people dare to against evil’s great will and rebuild the nature’s courage.

Liuhe Pagoda was really named by Buddhism,means,east,south,west,north,sky,field get along well, harmonies. Because in Huyue time,people like to believe Buddhism, they thought to build a pagoda here can quell the flood by Buddhism magic. so this pagoda rebuilt and damaged many times,until now it still stand in the side of the river.