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Emerald Hostel


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No.16,Four Eyes Well,Hu Pao Road, China, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou
Hours : 7:00am-12:00pm

About this place


Just like the name,emerald,this property is designed to fit into the natural,harmonies environment with greenery all aroud.They try to bring their gustes to feel a sense of relaxation,peace and tranquility as close as possible to nature.Just close your eyes and imagine that every morning you wake up in birds song,take a deep breathe of the pure fresh air,look over the tea plantatoin,sit down ,take a tea in their quiet yard with 3 friendly and lovely dogs lying beside,spend all your day leisurely in a warm orange sunset.What a comfort!

It is also worth mentioning the hostel's in-house facilities, which includes free use of pantry, free WIFI & unlimited internet access, bathroom for men and for women, hot showers 24 hours a day, 4 common rooms (dining room, Music lounge, TV/DVD area, reading lounge), and the best of all, they have an in-house restaurant. The restaurant offers Chinese food ,Western-style food,and beer with elegant music. You definitely will enjoy that!

In order to provide you a best stay in one of the most picturesque cities in China, Mr.zhang and his frends try their best to manage this hostel which is desinged by themselves. They  do our efforts to give you a wonderful service. They will ensure you a safe and enjoyable time here and still have enough cash to continue your backpacking journey So enjoy a friendly, fun and intimate atmosphere for you young travellers, hopefully making you feel at home.

Terms & Conditions:

•Check in time: 2 P.M.
•Check out time: 12 P.M.
• Free WIFI & unlimited internet access
• Free use of pantry
• Free Hairdryer for Hire and washing machine
• Free CD/DVD Burning Facilities
• Mini shop, bar ,cafe ,library,game room and restaurant
• Free luggage storage: if you have an early flight, you may check in early or you can leave your bags with them whilst you head out to explore the city.
•Likewise, if you have a late flight or bus to catch on the day of your checkout, you may leave your bags with us at no additional cost.
•If you need tourist information? Their receptionist can give you all types information and tip

First you need to get to the Zoo bus station on Hu-pao Rd.
Second find the main door of Xin-kai-yuan Hotel(新开元酒店正门) which is on the opposite side of the Zoo.
Third face the hotel's main door,you should go to the right-hand road about 10 meters and turn right.
Fourth keep going up till the end of the road you will see a small wooden bridge on your left hand,just go across it,at the right side you will see it.

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