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Yangshuo Shaolin kungfu school

Yangshuo Shaolin kungfu school was founded by Fan Hengshuai (Jason ) in 2005. Located besides the YuLong River in the beautiful mountanious countryside. He is a favorite disciple of Master Liu Baoshan who is the 8th generation direct of Shaolin Kung-fu and one of China's top ten famous Shao lin Kung Fu contemporary Master. Fan Hengshuai (Jason) is the 10th generation successor of traditional Shaolin Kung-fu. He has 8 years teaching experience and a good level of English making the school a great place to learn Shao Lin Kung Fu,Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Chinese kickboxing, The school can offer accomodation located next thegiggling tree restaurant which offers Chinese and Western cuisine.

Students who sincerely wish to learn the chinese martial arts are invited to come to southern(Yang shuo) China and learn all levels of traditional shaolin martial arts from disciples of the famous northern Song shan mountain temple protection monks. If desired, students may optionally learn Tai chi chuan(Tai ji quan) and Xingyi stly kungfu, or slow Qi gong for health. and we also offer different chinese traditional courses(Mandarin,calligraphy,painting,mahjong) for you to study in the free time.

Our school hosts both male and female students age 6 and older, with or without experience in the martialarts.One hour to three years courses available.