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Le Varza, Hubin Branch


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No.39, Hubin Road, China, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou
Hours : 9am - 2am

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Good surrounding, West Lake scenery.

By Samantha,

Nanjing native, let more and more people get to know and love Nanjing!


We ran into Le Varza in a coincident, me and my friends was so tired and hungry after we visited the Broken Bridge Scence, and it`s just on the opposite of the West lake, and it`s cold and have a good environment, so we decided to have lunch and a short break here.
May be coz it`s late in the afternoon so they don't have many customers, so it`s really quiet with the not loud music we are feel so relax and comfortable.
Where we sitting you can have a windows view of West lake ...read more
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