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By Samantha,

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No. 217 Xihu Dadao, Hangzhou, China, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou
Hours : 9am-midnight (2am on the weekends)

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User Reviews

Nice and fun in Hangzhou.

By Mandy,

Welcome to Nantong!


I finally at Hooters.
It is a really special and full of fun restaurant in Hangzhou, the whole restaurant still keep the very American style but it`s not that too over anyway it`s in China.
The food and the drinks are really nice, it make you feel like in the American one, and many foreigners here too, just the waitresses are more Chinese, but they all can speak good English. Pretty Coooool.
One thing i am regret is i forget to take some photos :( 
Didn`t know China have Hooters too!

By Mandy,

Welcome to Nantong!


Wow, i really didn`t know in China i can find the Hooters in Hangzhou, this restaurants & bar are famous in waitresses who are all wearing mini-shots and really tight T-shirts,  and  guys like to go there, don`t need me to tell the reason, you should understand then.
I will go the Hangzhou next month, and definitely will go there and have a look !

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