1000 Island Lake (Qian Dao Hu) Tours – Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

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1000 Island Lake (Qian Dao Hu)


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No. 32 Pailing Nan Lu, Qiandao Hu Town, Chun`an County, West of Hangzhou , China, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou
Hours : 9am-4:30pm

About this place

Located in the west of Zhejiang province, Thousand-Island Lake is 145 kilometers to the provincial capital, Hangzhou, and 128 kilometers to splendid Huangshan Mountain.

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User Reviews

Re: 1000 Island Lake (Qian Dao Hu)

By Grace Yang,

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1000 Island Lake (Qian Dao Hu)

1000 Island Lake (Qian Dao Hu) is a beautiful lake in Hangzhou, as the name 1000 Island Lake, you might think if its really have 1000 lakes, actually it is, it has1078 islands at the central of the the lake, and every single one has a different views, different features.
And in China they have a famous brand called Nongfu Spring, the water is from this water. But people saying that the water at 1000 Island Lake is really clean and already reach the stander of drinking water, you can drin...read more

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