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Beach Ranks which Surrounding Yogyakarta

Most of people who come to Yogyakarta are not knowing that Yogyakarta have a lot more beautifull beach than what they know, because most of this beach are a little bit far from the city that's why most of people usually only visitting Parang Tritis Beach which is near to Yogyakarta city.

Hereby I'd like to share about the enchanting beaches which is placed in the south east of Yogyakarta region, Indonesia. Because the distance of this Beaches are a little bit far, I will recommend you to take full trip if you like to have some vacation here, but no need to worry, this beach are close one to another and each every one of it have their own charm

  • Baron Beach

After two hour car trip, this beach will say hello to you at the first time. typical wild wave with white sand are the trade mark of every beach in this area. Most of the local people here are fisherman that's why you could see the traditional boat that they use to catch fish even though it has engine all ready and if you like to try, you could go to the open sea along with this fisherman on their boat with pay them for about US$ 50,- for 2 nite of fishing in the open sea even though i'm not recommend this ^_^

Beside a lot of local restaurant which serve fresh fish for meal, the most interesting is this beach has a groundwater river that connected to the beach and usually, people are playing water on this place ^_^

  • Sepanjang Beach

Than if you get bored to Baron Beach, you could just move on to the next beach a little bit east from Baron Beach for about 10 minutes by car and there so Sepanjang Beach are ready to welcoming you

A wide open beach with hut of straw on the edge of the street make it become a nice place to relax and it only cost you for about US $ 5 for the rent of the hut. Unlikely Parang Tritis Beach which has a strong rip curl on it, this beach has none of it with the same typical wave and a better sand to get sun bath so this would be a nice vacation for surfer junky

Even though there are no restaurant with some fresh fish here, we could just order it to the local people to look for us and this beach have many cheap and humble inn with it

Special thing about this beach is it has Lobster breeding which only able to see if the sea are not tide cause it placed in the edge of the beach near the cliff

  • Kukup - Krakal Beach

This Beach also near from the previous beach i mention before. if you like to have a relaxing time with your familly without to many worries to watching out the other member, this beach would be perfect choice to go. Sloping beach with "calm" wave if compared with the other beach are made you and familly had some quality time of vacation.

This beach also had a Karst along side the beach which has been made to be ecosystem for small fishes and kinds but if it is not enough this beach has a secret place which only known by a little person, a fresh water pond which connected by small waterfall hidden behind cliff along side the beach ^_^

  • Indrayanti Beach

The last but not the least ^_^ This beach maybe the most civilized beach which has a better place to sit n relax. It has SAR Tower, Cafe, and still beautifull beach with white sand on it only there is no Inn here but if I may say, every beach in this range are even doesn't need any Inn to enjoy it

We could just have Tend and Sleeping Bag with us and every thing would be just okey ^_^

Still be so many Beach to tell, so little time. I wil be back again to show you how you will not disappointed if you visit Yogyakarta, no matter what you want for your vacation. Next time, I will tells you about the Cave, Mountain, River and every thing that I know about this area and I'm sure that each one of it able to charm you out ^_^