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Basha Miao Village, the China's last gunner group.

Basha is formed by the five natural stockade, the villagers made a living in hunting10 years ago . When the Government handed over their guns they refused to give the guns.In consideration of Basha's special circumstances, an exception agreed to keep their guns, but not allowed to fight wild animals. In this way, Basha has become "China's last tribal gunmen."
It is said that the buildings are similar to Japan. you can see the terraces under the Village .
Basha man is distinctive, with a head Bob, dressed in green cloth, big pant ,like a Japanese edo period image as the warrior.
 Basa man attaches great importance to their Bob, Bob in the miao ethnic language called "family stick", are male adult logo. "Family stick" male head is shaved off around most of the hair, leaving behind only the head hair, their hair is shaved with sickle.