Yangshuo County, Guilin Tours – Guilin, Guangxi Province, China

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Yangshuo County, Guilin


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Yangshuo lies in the northeast of Guangxi Province and to the southeast of Guilin City. The special geography gives it breath-taking beauty while over 1,400 years of history bless it with a deep traditional culture.The diverse ethnic minority groups including Hui, Zhuang, Yao and others, enrich it with special folk cultures represented by their various festivals; while many foreign residents add exotic flavors to its fascination.Yangshuo, besides Dali in Yunnan, is China's most popular backpacker destination. In fact, Yangshuo has become legendary as a place to get away from China. The village is set amongst limestone and karst peaks, and is filled with quaint alleys, shops and restaurants that serve many kinds of western foods.The surrounding land is flat and perfect for bicycle riding and with your choice of peaks to climb and local villages to visit, Yangshuo has plenty to do!


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