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my business trip with Bekir

I with Bekir (a Turkish handsome man) really had a happy trip.
Accidentally, I had this chance to work with him, and it was memorable.

Bekir is handsome and humorous and I got on well with him. He is a buyer. He purchased raw material from China and sent it back to Turkey.

After meeting, we would go to the companies he listed on the paper. Because it was his first time to come to china, I had to guide him. Fortunately I know the place, otherwise we would make a mass.
We went to different companies in Guangzhou, Foshan and Shenzhen. We built a good relationship during that and became good friends. The most happiest thing was that I did sport and smoked with him.

Though we just be together about 4 days, we both enjoyed ourselves and this short trip made me learned a lot. Next time when he comes back to China, we will have a better time and he will see a better me. Lol!