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fantastic days

      Last week, I with my best friend in college had a short trip in Guangzhou. I came to his let the first day. He rented in a scenic spot where we can see lots of old buildings. The second day we traveled around Huangpu Port. Really it is a good place that you can lead a peaceful life. But on my view, also it is a place for old people to live and the exhausted office workers to have a break. Especially I like the chirp of the ship, which has a ring.
     The third day, we went to Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Centre and stepped on a bicycle. That centre is so large that we left there an hour later, because we were dog-tired. The last day we went to Xiaozhou Village. Xiaozhou Village is formed by the alluvium of the sea, and so there are many river courses in it. There are many handwork workshops in Xiaozhou Village. The technical art called embroidery still remains. So we bought some gifts for our family and friends.
      Those days were very nice~
      To be honest, It is better to have one friend of great value than to have many friends of little value. You will feel very happy when you are with hin/her even though stay in a house whole day. And I remember what my friend said to me you donot have to prepare a lot of to welcome your real friend. Lol!! It sounds reasonable. You know what I mean.