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Fangcun golden flower city of fishing tackle

I with my friend Mr. Feng purchased in Guangzhou on early March.
My bro Feng Hua is a Singaporean. He came to Guangzhou for purchasing. He is a very kind man and is familiar to Guangzhou.

We had a look at some bicycles and negotiate with the shoppers in the morning. And then we went to the toys market to get some samples. In the afternoon, we went to Fangcun Golden Flower City Fishing Tackle. We stay there for 2 hours and purchased some baits.

For me it was a great day, because we not only finished the mission, but also we talk a lot about the cultures between the 2 countries and the situation of the countries and societies. We both gained lots of.
Even if we had just known each other for a few hours, we like good friends knowing for several years.


My friends, if you come to China for purchasing, you can contact me. I will be your good choice!