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eating in guangzhou


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i love all kinds of food and that is why i have an international stomach,jajaja~~~

fist pic is with my India customer for sichuan hot pot,too spicy for me~~  in fact, i love the local cantonese hot pot and taiwan hotpot better

more choices for the source which you can choose and  mix by yourself

and then is the cantonese local food,, it is a little bit sweet   and mainly is the health  cooking way---steam and boil   

roast duck is very yummy with local source

i am a foodie, and some customer saw my file and the food pic and then pick me as their local guide in China


and would be meet you in China as well~~  i am an easy going person and facing my heart and the world sincerly

hope to meet you someday but not just for making a living but also meeting a better colorful life

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