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What to be aware of while buying from China clothes wholesalemarket?

 What to be aware of while buying from China clothes wholesale markets?

  • Opening time: Some markets open in the earlier morning and close at noon like 13:00pm while some markets open from 9:00-10:00am to 18:00-19:00pm.
  • Traffic: Traffic can be a nightmare if you rent a car for a day to go to different markets. Parking and getting stuck in the road will kill most of the day. It’s suggested to go by metro or take taxi.
  • Quality: It’s quite challenging to do quality inspection in the shops in the wholesale markets if you’re buying in bulk. Most of the shops take up very limited spaces, there’s even traffic congestion inside the markets, sometimes you can’t even move forward with the huge crowds. There’re chances that you might get some inferior ones.
  • Returning policy: Changing room is rare, and it’s almost impossible to get money back, so check carefully before going into the deal.

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