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The Best wholesaler markets of Hotel and Restaurant Facilities

For Hotel and Restaurant Facilities market:

There are three hotel markets in Pan yu, Guangzhou, one is called Nan tian hotel market, this one is older and much cheaper one. and quality is very good
Another one is called Xin Ji Sha Xi this one is newer than another two, and price is medium.
And the third one also called Sha Xi older and bigger than the second one. But products in these two are similar, because many shops have branches in both place.
In these three markets, you can buy all kitchen products for hotel or restaurant, like the cooking facility, BBQ facility and cake mixing facility, freezer. etc. and you can also buy the tableware in these markets.
Besides, opposite to the Sha xi hotel market, there is a very big tea market and big kid’s bicycle market.

For Home appliance
For electrical appliance, Hai ying electrical market has all kinds of products, like TV set, DVD, alarm facility, TV, etc.