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2020 Guangzhou Fair Overview:The 10th Asia-Pacific Floor Fair 2020

CGFF 2020 - The 10th Asia-Pacific Floor Fair 2020 is to be held on May 10-12, 2020

Date:2020/05/10 - 2020/05/12

China Import and Export Fair Complex .No. 380, Xingang East Road, Guangzhou, China


Floor Material: acrylic, waterborne polyurethane, epoxy resin, pigment and etc;
Floor System: epoxy self-leveling, polymer Mortar, non metal aggregate wear resistance floor, silicon carbide wear resistance floor, steel fiber reinforced concrete floor;
Floor Machinery: no gas spraying machine, shot blasting machine, grinding machine, milling machine, cutting machine, mixer, cleaning machine, pouring machine;
Cleaning Equipment: washing machine, cleaning equipment, construction tools and other related equipment and construction and other accessories;
Other: the floor maintenance agent and curing materials, etc.