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About Guangzhou Garment wholesale market

Guangzhou garment market is famous in the world.  If you are fresh to these wholesale markets, you will find no clues of how to start the purchasing, as there are too many markets to choose from. 

Let's introduce some famous garment market to you here.

1. Thirteen Hong

Thirteen Hong in Canton is a big wholesale area of Guangzhou, where the most important wholesale building is the New China Clothing Market.After refurbishing in 2014, the shops on floor 2 and above are offering different levels of Clothes from middle to high end, and shops on and below floor 1 are offering low-end clothes. 

What makes it special for the goods in Thirteen Hong? 

1) Thirteen Hong is closely following the worldwide design trends of clothes. After any Catwalk show in Europe, you will find a popular similar design quickly here. 

2) Percentage of design styles: 60% Korean Style, 30% European Style, 10% rest of others. 

2. Shahe Market

SHA HE is also a vast area for Clothing wholesale market.

3. Baima Market 

BAI MA is a more famous market for overseas customers, due to its geographic location. It is near the Guangzhou Railway Station and is 2 kilometers from the Old Canton Fairbuildings. 15 years ago, this is the most bustling area among foreigners.

BAIMA market has the broadest price range in Guangzhou. Designs are more mature and of good quality.

Floor 1, 4, 5 – Women’s wear in trends and high quality, most of the large-scale factories are located here. 

Floor 2, 3 – Most of the small factories are here, price is relatively lower.

Layer 6 – Middle to High-end men’s wear.

To be honestly, there are really have too much different markets and building for garment in Guangzhou.

Most of the shop can not speak English. 

If you need interpreter or guide or any help, welcome to contact me.

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