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Guangzhou Dongshan Lake Park


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No.123 Donghu Road,Guangzhou., China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou
Hours : 08:00~21:00

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Guangzhou Dongshan Lake Park

(commonly known as East Lake Park), is one of the four artificial lakes Park in Guangzhou City, located at north of Haiyin Bridge Approach, East to Pearl Island Hotel, south of the Pearl River, north of Guigang Commercial district.

The Park was built in 1958, is open to visitors May 1, 1959.

Land area is about 12.2 hectares, the lake area is about  ​​20.914 hectares.

There are restaurants, cafes, discos, elderly activity center, an ice rink and a variety of recreational facilities, gradually become a tour, sports, entertainment, rest for an integrated park.

"Spring Lake" has been listed as one of the 1963 Guangzhou Eight.

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