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Wu Xian Guan


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huifuxi road, China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou

About this place

legendary has that in 900 BC,one day five immortals in five color clothes riding five ram grasping rice ears,decended in guangzhou.

they had sympathy for the people who suffer illness and hunger in this land,so they presented the rice ears and five rams to the people,and wish an

everlasting prosperity and good harvasting then ran away.since then the life of guangzhou getting better and better.

this temple is built to memorize the five immortals in 1337 during the ming dynasty.relics such as the footstep of five immotals,the linnan first tower,ancient

bell for fire alarming,stone caving of ming and qing dynasty.

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Though the monastery was named after made up figures,which is the most popular way to teach people to be grateful and benevolent. Both buddism and Taoism have the same way of spreading kindness and the wisdom of life.

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