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Liwan Musume Of Xiguan People


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广州市龙津西路逢源北街84号, China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou
Hours : 9:00-17:00

About this place

Liwan Mesume,the house of HSBC foundar Mr.Chenyonglian,is a classical XiGuan architecture mixing western and estern style.It tells you the original xiguan culture & custom.

You can go there by taxi.

tip:there is an antique market there.if you are fond of antique,you can go there to search for something you like.

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Re: Liwan Musume Of Xiguan People

By Gedeon,

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The place to know about the local life in Guangzhou!

This museum looks really nice, you feel the culture by the ancient furnitures and decorations. so cool, not like a museum.
i like antiques and old houese.

what a nice place, i like these old furniture, very delicate and very China. It`s getting less and less to see such an old other in modern cities like Guangzhou, Thanks Juliachen.

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