Fangcun Tea Wholesales Market Tours – Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

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Fangcun Tea Wholesales Market


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fangcun , China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou

About this place

tea culture is old tradional custom in china from ancient time.

in fancun tea wholesales market,there are more than 1500 shops selling more than 1000 distinctive tea was sold here.

it is a place very easy to buy your favorite tea,black tea,dark tea,Oolong tea,yeallow tea,white tea.

you also can easily find the tea tools for making tea such as pottery,porcelain,lacquer,glass,metal,bamboo and you will get a chance to taste

your favorite tea before you buy

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Tours That Go to Fangcun Tea Wholesales Market

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Cantonese Morning Tea

By Julia Zhu,

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Guangzhou is not a place where all sorts of teas were produced, but most of Chinese like tea very much, so in each city there must be a tea markets. Especially for Cantonese (locals in Guangdong), who would even name breakfast HAVING MORNING TEA, when people would go to a restaurant to order a few dim-sum and a pot of tea as breakfast.

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