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Baiyun Mountain


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Baiyun Mountain Baiyun Mountain is located at the northern part of the city,which is called the first mountain of Southern Yue It is the ending range of Nan Kun Mountain and made up of around 30 peaks.with beginning from Ma An Ridge in the north,ending at Gui Hummock in the south,and reachign to east of GuangCong Road and west of Mo Dao Keng Road. Baiyun Mountain is a famous historic attraetion of Guangzhou,wity many nice sceneries,elected as the past and present Eight Attractions of Guangzhou.Nowadays,it not only preserves historic relic like Nengren Temple,Nine-dragon Spring,but also develop new scenic spots like Peak Park, Da Jin Zhong Reservoir,Lu Hu Lake,the newly built Ming Chun Valley taking 12.5K square meters as a natural birdcage in Oct 1989,the Forest of Steles of Guangzhou collecting essence of calligraphy and poem in Oct 1994 and the new Yuntai Garden opened in sept 1995.  

Bus 199,223,24,36,285 and 540 arrive at Baiyun cableway

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Baiyun Mountain is located to the north of Guangzhou city with beautiful greenery on the mountain, one can see the whole city when ascending to the top.
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I have been pass by there. Baiyun airport also nearby Baiyun mountain.
It seems very pretty when our car running at the bottom of the mountain.
Nice place.

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