Guangzhou Wedding Dress Street: Special Place for Shopping Tours – Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

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Guangzhou Wedding Dress Street: Special Place for Shopping


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Jiangnan Avenue North,guangzhou, China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou
Hours : 9;00 am- 18:00pm

About this place

The section of Jiangnan Avenue North at the approach bridge of Haizhu Bridge is famous for being full of shops of wedding dresses and related products.

Therefore it is nicknamed as "Wedding Dress Street" by the natives. Every time the bus passed it, little girls would make a wish that the bus could stay longer, long enough for their eyes to be dazzled by the showcase of wedding dresses, for them to glance quietly over different patterns and colors, for them to "pick up" the one they most like. What makes the girls so fascinated?

Basically the shops by the streets demand higher prices, even up to over RMB 1,000, for their dresses are of more beautiful patterns, various colors. It is suggested to wear sandals as these shops usually ask you to take off your shoes before entering. If you want a lower price, the shops in the lanes are your best choice. However, these shops usually wear down by years without repair and the patterns are fewer to choose. You can also rent wedding items there if you don't have a high budget.

Only a few shops sell traditional Chinese wedding dress. And those hand-made items demand very high price of nearly RMB 5,000, or RMB 1,000 for a three-day rental.

Take your time on this street, and you might notice that smile creeps over girls' faces. It is not just the wedding dress itself, but the process of selecting, trying and appreciating that fascinate them. That arouses their expectation of happy marriage life. 

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Guangzhou has been one of the fashion centers in China, clothes and costumns here are of good designs,so as wedding dresses.

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